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Información del vuelo Springfield-Branson-España

Los vuelos llegan a España
Los vuelos salen de Springfield-Branson
Precio del vuelo 1479 €
Aerolíneas Aer Lingus

Reserva vuelos baratos de Springfield a España (i/v)

1479 €
1479 €
1479 €
1479 €
sáb. 6 jul.
Barcelona-El Prat
33h 05m
sáb. 13 jul.
Barcelona-El Prat
29h 23m
1479 €
Viaje: 8 días
7,4BuenoVer opiniones
Valoración general: 7,4 Bueno
Basado en 5.432 opiniones
Regular 2,0

Desventajas: The flight was delayed. I suggested I take another flight, they kept on saying we will not be late . Well i missed both connecting flights.

Regular 2,0

Ventajas: I liked the service once we left Dublin but once it was time to arrive to Leeds everything went downhill.

Desventajas: Our flight did not land to Leeds but to Manchester. I thought this would not be an issue to get my connecting flight to London. As I tried to explain to the airline attendants about my connecting flight they had no idea what was going on and said it wasn't their issue I would have to go to Leeds and explain to them what was happening. I asked if there was a way we could call them and see if I could just get a flight to London from Manchester. They said no. I tried to get a number to call myself still nothing. They sent everyone from the flight onto a coach bus to Leeds. Once I arrived to Leeds, I spoke with Ben and explained my situation. He said there were no more flights to London or anywhere near there. And there wasn't any flights to Austin, TX which was my end point either. He explained there wasn't anything they could do except fly me in the morning to London. I agreed but then come to find out he had to send me back to Manchester. Now I had already had my arrangements to stay in London for the night so I did not have much money left. He said they would take care of the accommodations and the flight to London. I was VERY PATIENT. Within this he was telling me how close they were to closing. I explained I needed everything in place before they even left because I was traveling alone in an unknown country or city. He arranged a cab to take me back to Manchester and a hotel to stay in with dinner and breakfast available. I thought everything would get better but of course it didn't. Ben clearly knew I had my checked bag and carry on. When I'm about to board the flight to London they charged me 60 pounds for my CHECKED BAG. Now this was already included on flight to begin with if all of this had not happened. The attendant did not want to listen to my story and kept passing me to another attendant that said there's nothing they could do. I had to pay since I couldn't leave my belongings. Once i arrived to London. I had to get my bag and RECHECK IN MY BAG. AGAIN they tried to charge me for my checked bag. This time I had enough of your airline and explained it was all included in my flight and I went on a rant with the attendant. He just stared and printed out the ticket for my bag. Didn't look at the computer. Didn't even explain why it's all of sudden taken care of that I don't have to pay anymore. I had no patience to hear his excuse but just wanted to get back home. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with an airline. Frontier isn't even this unorganized. Shouldn't there be a process for these kind of situations already?

Aceptable 4,6

Desventajas: Dublin airport - huge lines foe transfers

Aceptable 4,3

Desventajas: Dublin airport No suitcase when we arrived No food. No inflight entertainment

Excelente 10,0

Ventajas: The welcome, hospitality and service by the crew were all excellent

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