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Información del vuelo Pamplona-Guatemala

Los vuelos llegan a Guatemala
Los vuelos salen de Pamplona
Precio del vuelo 1076 €
Aerolíneas Iberia

Reserva vuelos baratos de Pamplona a Guatemala (i/v)

1076 €
1076 €
1076 €
1076 €
mié. 19 dic.
Guatemala City La Aurora
17h 10m
mar. 8 ene.
Guatemala City La Aurora
40h 23m
1076 €
Viaje: 21 días
7,2BuenoVer opiniones
Valoración general: 7,2 Bueno
Basado en 4.321 opiniones
Bueno 6,6

Had to want in aisle to go to bathroom while beverage cart took forever to get to the back of the plane. Line was 12 deep to get there.

Excelente 8,0

Sin sobresaltos, tranquilo y con buen ambiente. Buen trato

Salió media hora tarde, pero recuperó el tiempo en el vuelo.

Regular 2,4

Nothing -- though seat was okay. No leg room, but it reclined a little, and had those foldable headrests.

The boarding was supposed to be by zone, but was just a mad rush. They served no food, not even for money. There was an onscreen ordering option, but for the entire flight it said "this service is temporarily closed". They didn't have a beverage cart. Not even water or coffee. I couldn't even get a cup of water to swallow some ibuprofen and an allergy pill (somebody brought a companion cat, I suspect, quite near to me). No food or water on an international flight across the Atlantic??? You've got to be kidding me -- that's gotta be close to illegal, not providing any means of hydration. But it's certainly cheap, mean, and unacceptable. Pathetic, too.

Regular 3,6

Nothing, it was awful

They were late with boarding to begin with and the process was extremely unorganized and slow. The Air France flight that was boarding next to ours at gate 9 got everybody onto the plane before our flight did and their plane was scheduled to take off 10 minutes AFTER us. The boarding attendant didn’t do a good job of announcing the group number for boarding. After priority and no baggage passengers, it was just one big mob. Our boarding passes were in group 1 but my mom ended up being one of the last people let through. The 2 attendants made her wait because they needed to tag her luggage. I guess they felt it was too big for carrying on. Which is fine. But they literally made her stand there while they let almost everyone else in line through. They even tagged other luggages and she was still waiting. And when she asked them about it, they told her to wait and they have to assist other people. What’s the point of being group 1 for boarding then? We still had to wait til pretty much everyone else went in. And the fact that our seats were in row 29 which is at the tail end of the plane made it even worse. Now we need to squeeze by 28 rows of people when we could’ve been in our seats and out of the way a long time ago. Terrible service!

Bueno 6,6

Boarding process was easy and we made great time all the way from LAX to Madrid (I only had carry-on luggage so I can’t speak for their check-in process). Loved having a non-stop flight. Crew was attentive and professional. Great new movie selection. The one bathroom I went into was probably the largest airplane bathroom I’ve ever been in!

However, I would have taken a smaller lavatory if it meant larger/comfier seats! I was pretty uncomfortable the whole flight. The leg room was alright for me being 5’6” but I’m not sure how anyone much taller would fare. The seats themselves were similar to a budget domestic airline. Fine when you’re only going a few hours, but on a transatlantic flight it really started to get to my back :(

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