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9 dic. — 16 dic.1
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Las 4 mejores aerolíneas que vuelan a Krabi y Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
THAI SmileValoración media basada en 357 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "Brilliantly safety-conscious crew but very personable."
Desventajas: "It would been very nice to not have to board a shuttle bus to be taken to the flight in BKK."
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Ventajas: "Brilliantly safety-conscious crew but very personable."
Desventajas: "It would been very nice to not have to board a shuttle bus to be taken to the flight in BKK."
Ventajas: "The crew was the most expert crew I have seen. I fly thousands of miles every year. Their alertness to safety was unprecedented for me. In Yangon the counter personnel were equally excellent, safety-conscious and personable."
Desventajas: "It would be really nice not to have to board a bus in BKK to be shuttled to my next flight."
Ventajas: "Good and being on time"
Desventajas: "So far so good for its price"
Desventajas: "Good job"
Ventajas: "Great services"
Desventajas: "Great seat and smooth flight"
Desventajas: "Entre todos las compañías en que volé en este viaje, considero que es la que ofrece mejor servicio"
Ventajas: "Super cool light meal in a little bag. Best budget airline I have flown."
Ventajas: "Seamless boarding and deviating."
Desventajas: "Thai Smole seats offer the least legroom in my experience. Very narrow."
Desventajas: "My booking name TANG MENGLY Why ticket show LY MENGTANG My mom can not get the fly we bought anther ticket for 140 dollar"
Ventajas: "Nothing apart from kind crew"
Desventajas: "Food was really not good at all! Very poor The inside of plane was not clean!"
Ventajas: "I'm very justifying for the flight."
Ventajas: "On-time departure and arrival."
Desventajas: "Nothing to complain about."
Ventajas: "Airfare was reasonably priced."
Desventajas: "Delay. This was the third flight in a week that I encountered flight delays of up to 15-20 minutes."
Desventajas: "Nothing negative"
Ventajas: "friendliness of staff"
Desventajas: "Entertainment program was boring, leg space limited"
Desventajas: "No online check-in available. Waited very long for someone to show up at check-in desk a few hours before the flight."
Ventajas: "Comfort and ease of boarding always makes Thai airlines a great trip. The staff is so helpful and friendly."
Desventajas: "There wasn’t any tv to watch and not by way of magazines either."
Ventajas: "Good services"
Desventajas: "Good service and comfortable"
Ventajas: "Easy to book, travel and get around with."
Desventajas: "The on board snack isn’t great."
Ventajas: "The relaxed atmosphere and attentiveness of the flight attendants"
Desventajas: "The distance of the terminal to the aircraft"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "Our train from Chiang Mai was 2 hrs late. Our taxi driver sped us as fast as he could, but we had only 15 min from check in to the airplane take off. The counter personnel were so helpful in calling the gate for permission to board. We ran across the airport and made it thanks to Thai Smile staff."
Desventajas: "Vegetarian food option"
Ventajas: "Great service"
Ventajas: "Very nice"
Ventajas: "We arrived safely"
Desventajas: "They kept canceling flights. Bad service would not fly again."
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly and helpful, boarding was easy, flight was smooth"
Desventajas: "No entetainment, food just a pretty untasty sandwich"
Ventajas: "smooth as silk"
Ventajas: "friendly, professional crew"
Ventajas: "I would highly recommend flying with this airline. It was a very efficient process and the staff was not only helpful but very nice."
Ventajas: "There was no line to check in and the attendant very easily accepted our luggage to check in with no weight, size, or payment issues Was pleasantly surprised to get a snack box with a sandwich and beverage on such a short flight LOVED the online videos (practical jokes program), where no headphones were needed to enjoy"
Desventajas: "Fish sandwich wasn't my favorite"
Ventajas: "The crew was incredibly friendly, warm and helpful. Excellent service on board the aircraft with comfortable seating. And the meal served was delicious! (I never thought I would say that about food served on an airplane)"
Desventajas: "Boarding process was a bit slow and cumbersome, but, to be fair, I noticed it wasn't much different than all my other flight experiences in Thailand."
Ventajas: "On boar meal was great. Customer service was outstanding!"
Desventajas: "They don't offer more flights!"
Ventajas: "Ground and in flight service, food, aircraft"
Ventajas: "Quick flight"
Desventajas: "40 minute delay"
Ventajas: "Great service, very amicable staff, excellent plane"
Ventajas: "Awesome service, great staff, amazing trip"
Desventajas: "The crew had a poor attitude and even rude, I asked to move to get past the food trolley as my 4 year old son needed the toilet and they just said wait, they would only have to move 2 metres. We were sitting directly behind upper class but were not offered the chance to use the forward toilet even though there was no one sitting in that section. They seemed to have an attitude problem and not at al like Thai International who are excellent. will never fly again with Thai smile."
Desventajas: "I don't want to recommend to others to use this flight following reasons: (1) I can't use Thai lounge with star alliance gold card. (2) Thai air sold the Ticket, but boarding ticket issued by Thai smile. (3) a ground staff ( reissue staff)is unfriendly particularly those who is at Thai office, airport. (4)Thai smile is a low cost air line. So Thai air shouldn't sell this kind of ticket It hurts fame of Thai airs hospitality."
Ventajas: "Good flight, reasonable price"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "Very flight and check-in process"
Ventajas: "Aircraft size was big for short haul"
Desventajas: "Not much to dislike"
Ventajas: "The gate agent saw how tall my husband was and upgraded us to the exit row for more leg room which was awesome. I was feeling a little sick and the flight attendants were great to get me water and make sure I was doing ok."
Desventajas: "I don't like fish and they offered a fish sandwich but it was only an hour long flight so I was fine with it."
Ventajas: "Everything was first rate and efficient"
Desventajas: "Nothjng"
Ventajas: "Check in was so easy and smooth. Boarding was as well!"
Desventajas: "I appreciated the food that they gave out, but it wasn't very tasty."
Ventajas: "Great flight. On time. The crew was polite and professional. Nice experience."
Ventajas: "Overall everything was good except meal option"
Desventajas: "Not having vegetarian snack or meal"
Ventajas: "The ladies are so kind...unlike many American airlines! Very nice flight!"
Ventajas: "Our flight time itself was changed to a couple of hours later. We got notified the night before so we could make plans accordingly. In addition staff took good care of customers and helped with onward bookings etc. we were all given vouchers as well"
Desventajas: "plane was 30- 45 minutes late leaving BKK and about 20 minutes late leaving KK"
Ventajas: "Very clean and comfortable. Super friendly cabin crew."
Desventajas: "Somehow the main handle on my baggage on wheels was damaged"
Desventajas: "Very good food and launch in gate but in check in they took my powerbank."
Ventajas: "All"
Desventajas: "Food"
Ventajas: "Quick and easy flight. Empty seat in my row was great!"
Desventajas: "Plane was noisy and clearly old, could use updating"
Desventajas: "One of the best experiences in short haul flights in years! Flew twice with them and the service was great. US based airlines could learn a lot from them."
Ventajas: "The seat that I picked had lots of leg room."
Desventajas: "Better selection of movies."
Ventajas: "Tripulación amable"
Desventajas: "El avión es muy pequeño para ser un vuelo internacional. Casi no había pasillo."
Ventajas: "Lounge gratuita para clase turista en Bangkok con refrescos, café, snacks y WiFi gratis"
Desventajas: "2 horas de retraso"
Ventajas: "lounge access for everyone with snacks and free wifi"
Desventajas: "The flight was fine. But it took as long for the luggage to arrive as it took the plane to fly from Samui... very poor"
Ventajas: "Crew was nice and friendly. Quick load in and fast departure. In the air 15 minutes ahead of schedule at 17:21"
Desventajas: "Since they had (unexpectedly) provided a meal on my previous trip (10am to 11:30) , I assumed a meal would d be provided given the time of travel. All we were given was an inedible pastry with chocolate. Plane landed at approximately 18:40 but not at gate until 19:20 - long taxi and shuttle ride"
Desventajas: "Nothing really, for a fair priced airline."
Ventajas: "Great costumer service"
Ventajas: "Great service, courteous crew."
Ventajas: "Very good"
Desventajas: "Very good"
Ventajas: "Served food even on a short flight and the crew member are very nice!"
Ventajas: "Good leg room in economy"
Desventajas: "Delays"
Ventajas: "Yes, it was perfact!"
Ventajas: "It was a very good flight and Bankok Airways does a good job working to make you happy"
Desventajas: "Better communication on the weight restrictions for carry on bags. As I booked via Kayak I had no idea there was a weight restriction. NOT a pleasant surprise."
Ventajas: "Food was OK."
Ventajas: "1. The staff was very nice and professional. 2. The boarding was easy and efficient."
Desventajas: "1. The meal served was not very good. It consisted of cold, bland noodles with some kind of deep-fried meat. 2. It took a very long time for the airport to get the baggage to the baggage claim area -- almost one-half hour!"
Ventajas: "As always, bangkok air provides good service and good value."
Ventajas: "flew Bangkok Air 3 times on my Thailand trip and was very pleased with all flights. Very surprised they served a full meal on ALL flights, the flights were short (barely an hour) but they were able to serve the entire plane and clean up with plenty of time to spare. Food was pretty good."
Ventajas: "Staff"
Desventajas: "I would like alcohol selection, would pay. See southwests options. Also I don't think I've ever been in a comfortable plane, but I'd like too"
Ventajas: "They had a lounge in the airport for us with free snacks, drinks & WiFi. As well as comfortable seating."
Desventajas: "No entertainment on flight, although it was a short flight."
Ventajas: "Leg room was good. Food was ok for a short flight like Bangkok-Krabi. Overall i find it a good domestic carrier for travellers."
Desventajas: "With the flight to Krabi the staff weren't very happy. They were friendly though when i asked something."
Ventajas: "Perdí mi pasaporte y creo que fue en el Security point donde lo dejé en la bandeja plástica Por favor ayudenme. Recuperarlo Lo necesito para poder volver a chile Gracias"
Ventajas: "Great quick flight, flight was delayed and had to run to catch our international connection to Shangai. Overall was good."
Ventajas: "The price is great, especially when luggage and food is considered."
Desventajas: "No entertainment at all. Luckily, I had a short flight. No control over boarding. However, boarding was controlled on return flight."
Ventajas: "Service is outstanding polite and friendly crew. Professionalism at its best during confrontations, Cheers!"
Desventajas: "Rude passengers, Apparently loud and discurtious chinese nationals do not know how to be polite, talk softly or behave in public, sad!"
Ventajas: "I get early to the airport and wait at the lounge it was mice to relax a bit All the crew are great Sire i will fly with you keep doing a geat job"
Desventajas: "Not the friendliest service. Trip to phuket was great. Back was just okay."
Ventajas: "Crew was extremely friendly and kind. They served food on an hour long flight which really surprised me. Our flight wasn't close to full and I wish they would have let us move around to different seats before we had taken off. Other than that it was great."
Ventajas: "Service and attention to small details."
Ventajas: "The flight was fine and the Bangkok airways flight staff was excellent. I am always impressed by how much food they are able to serve in a short flight"
Desventajas: "I'm not sure who's fault it is but the baggage service at Bangkok airport was lousy. It took over a half an hour to get the bags out"
Ventajas: "Food on a short flight Staff seemed to work well together Effiicient loading of passengers"
Desventajas: "The prop plane made a whole bunch of us nervous! So little time to fill out immigration paperwork - I wish BKK had handed out the paperwork at check-in like they did in SIem Reap Airport."
Ventajas: "Professional, friendly and helpful staff. It was nice to be able to check in baggage without extra charges. I like that you always get served food and drink."
Desventajas: "The food is ok but not always something I would like to eat. It would nice to have some kind of entertainment system."
Ventajas: "Great service"
Ventajas: "Served a free hot meal on a one hour and 15 minute flight."
Ventajas: "After weeks of flying on low cost carriers, this was a treat. Great service, roomy seats, and a clean plane."
Desventajas: "seat in front of my seat was too close - short flight okay - long flight ugh"
Ventajas: "It was quick"
Desventajas: "We didn't get any food and we didn't leave on time"
Ventajas: "Turkish air and Bangkok airlines don't like to give boarding passes for each other. So both times we had to go to the transfer desk. This is OK as long as there's time between flights. Bangkok airport is VERY long and the desks are at opposite ends of the airport. The folks at both desks were very helpful though."
Desventajas: "We had two flights with Bangkok airways. Both were delayed."
Ventajas: "Crew were apologetic and gave us vouchers"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed for over 5 hours, we were not updated as much as we would have liked. Plane was LOUD, rocky landing, food was not appetizing."
Ventajas: "For a discount airline, they had their own lounge and still provide food for a flight that is about 1 hour from CNX to BKK. Things went well."
Desventajas: "There really was nothing. There was no entertainment per se. Something showed on the monitors but no headphones are provided."
Ventajas: "The flight was delayed about 20 minutes. They were very good about keeping us updated. The service was wonderful on board there was no entertainment available on board. The meal was very good."
Ventajas: "The flight didn't have much in the way of entertainment, but it's such a short jump it's hard to care. Otherwise it's perfectly adequate for an hour and a half, I felt. The staff comes around constantly with drinks."
Desventajas: "If you want a vegetarian meal, you have to let them know ahead of time, because they have a limited number of veggie dishes. Not a big deal to me but my seatmate asked on the spot and seemed unhappy they couldn't accomodate him lol. Just be aware!"
Ventajas: "Great customer service."
Desventajas: "Aged aircraft (not horribly) and the food wasn't to my taste but it wasn't bad."
Desventajas: "it was a short flight i do not eat on these flights Entertainment poor due to short flight Overall no reason to be dissatisfied"
Ventajas: "Friendly staff"
Desventajas: "Delay"
Desventajas: "No charging ports and flight was delayed."
Ventajas: "Vuelo en clase business. La comida fue buena, pero escasa en cantidad"
Desventajas: "Los asientos business no son muy cómodos, a pesar de hacerse horizontales, las piernas quedan torcidas y el reposabrazos exterior queda lejos del brazo. El personal, muy funcionarial, poco amable"
Ventajas: "at 6"2' the large amount of leg space on Finnair flights is amazing, even in economy class I did not feel cramped."
Desventajas: "Food a bit bland and uninspired"
Ventajas: "Tripulacion muy amable"
Desventajas: "Puntualidad"
Ventajas: "Aseo limpio, tripulacion muy amable"
Desventajas: "Temperatura"
Ventajas: "Flight as such was good and smooth"
Desventajas: "Better food, but nowadays unless you fly on business or first you are doomed and cramped beyond belief, any improvement comes at a price"
Ventajas: "Muy poco"
Desventajas: "El avión muy viejo y no había mucho entretenimiento"
Ventajas: "Todo bueno"
Desventajas: "Nada"
Desventajas: "My headphones didn’t work"
Ventajas: "1. Leg space is bigger then on other companies 2. Crew was really affable 3. Free wine"
Desventajas: "Meal was not too hearty. Breakfast in Indian style was too spicy for me. May be I should request a special meal on check-in. And one more thing, Helsinki airport is cold for me. I spent e hours in down vest. Be warned."
Ventajas: "I enjoy my flight"
Desventajas: "Again no complains"
Desventajas: "Arrival to destination with 7 hours delay."
Desventajas: "Slow on boarding. I was swipe-checked twice, including the one by the airline."
Desventajas: "Plane was 1 hour late and missed my flight."
Ventajas: "Experience at HEL airport was easy and stress-free. Appreciated priority security option so my line was such shorter."
Desventajas: "I waited over 45 minutes for my luggage at baggage claim."
Ventajas: "Falta entretenimiento online y puertos usb"
Ventajas: "Espacio entre asientos amplios"
Desventajas: "El trato de una aeromoza, quien me tomó del brazo bruscamente cuando me dirigía al baño. Y me gritó diciendo que regrese a mi sitio que el vuelo estaba atrasado y debíamos despegar. Sin enbargo, no de habia anunciado aun que ya estabamos por despegar."
Ventajas: "Time schedual"
Desventajas: "Over duty for extra weight"
Desventajas: "Same as above. Seats very narrow. But enough leg room"
Ventajas: "Had the head rests that help gold you head when you try to sleep and they didnt speak on the overhead audio so that was awesome"
Desventajas: "Just long flight in general."
Ventajas: "excepto el control de seguridad que había poco personal, el resto bien."
Ventajas: "Super quiet and comfortable flight, dedicated service, punctuality."
Desventajas: "I liked it all."
Desventajas: "Perdí el vuelo por negligencia de la compañía al no exponer las restricciones de la ciudad de Phnom Penh. Pienso que debieron hacer énfasis en la legislación, un poco de"
Ventajas: "Perdí el vuelo por la legislación cambodiana"
Desventajas: "Perdí el vuelo por la legislación cambodiana, deberían especificar que dicho país obliga a estar en su territorio mínimo un día o no te deja salir, por ese pequeño detalle perdí mi vuelo"
Ventajas: "Food on this flight was delicious."
Desventajas: "WiFi didn't work."
Ventajas: "I was very satisfied by the flights by Finnair - kind personnel, good food, on time flights."
Desventajas: "I could not be given the boarding pass fir the last leg of my trip"
Ventajas: "It was interesting that the flight from Helsinki to Chicago served a Indian style dinner comprising of lentils, rice and chickpeas. I liked that too, though I prefer the meditarranean fare. My kids liked the macaroni and meat dinner. The plane was clean and comfortable"
Desventajas: "The flight attendants could have been a bit more cordial and smiling. The dessert was only a choclate. Would have liked something better. Entertainment needed more variety. Boarding was a bit of a mess as they did not let families board first and were not very accomodative of families with small children, though I had a 9 year old, but there was a family with two very small children and they were not very helpful to them."
Ventajas: "Typical service and level of attention you'd expect in business class. Great food and wine selection. The amenity kit has exactly what's needed and not more."
Desventajas: "Only 1 hour of Wi-fi included - seems strange for business class."
Ventajas: "The flight was good. Enough legroom for me, the food was ok. And the crew was pleasant and attentive."
Desventajas: "Delay"
Ventajas: "Very easy check-in process, very easy boarding process, flight attendants were pleasant. Comfortable seat which allowed sleeping easily"
Desventajas: "no problems"
Ventajas: "Liked the Airbus seating on Finnair better than American's Boeing 777 seating."
Ventajas: "never happened"
Ventajas: "Plane was on time Checked luggage arrived I slept for the duration of the trip which made the 5 hour flight OK."
Desventajas: "Legroom and seating in general is cramped. But unfortunately that is the case in today's travel experience with US carriers."
Ventajas: "AA fly to/from Charlotte and if you are lucky you'll get a local NC crew, southern drawl included. The A330's are nice, even without Prem Economy the seating space is decent on the former USAir metal."
Desventajas: "The USB charge points do not work. Plus, the touch screens for the IFE require a lot of hard tapping on the screen, annoying for the people in the seat on which back the screen is placed."
Desventajas: "One of the crew members was rude."
Desventajas: "I had a seat on an aisle, which was good. But, the TV / video screen did not work. Luckily there wasn't a passenger next to me, and I used that screen. I told the steward, but never got help with the screen. I had to " Lean " for the 9 hours. The bathrooms became gross after 5 hours. I don't need to explain."
Desventajas: "Had to rush to my next flight and the gates were far apart."
Ventajas: "Power in every seat. Great headphones. Solid in-flight entertainment."
Ventajas: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Flight crew was polite, helpful and friendly. Had adequate leg room in coach, added plus was the flight was not crowded so did not have anyone sitting next to me. Did not feel squashed and claustrophobic as a result. Food was satisfactory."
Desventajas: "Was inadequately fed on the Houston to London leg. Got nothing but a nightcap. The following morning I received a cold, stale croissant as part of a lunch box for a preschooler, nothing warm, no protein after 8 hrs in flight. I could not check in online."
Ventajas: "Service was great"
Ventajas: "Food, not crowded, small plane"
Desventajas: "No individual tvs"
Desventajas: "It is absolutely ridiculous that they made us pay $100 each way for our ski bag/equipment. I will never fly either airline again. Horrible customer service as well. The airplane and its entertainment system is quite antiquated and needs to be updated. Horrible experience."
Ventajas: "Everything was simple, straightforward, even a bit old fashioned. The crew was friendly, and the service was quick."
Desventajas: "No complaints!"
Ventajas: "Good American Arline's crew"
Desventajas: "Operated by American Airlines. This was a different filght than was in our tickets because we were late for our connection flight. There were no help from Finnair to find a "replacement" flight."
Ventajas: "service . Informed the status of flight immediately. which is very useful to plan."
Desventajas: "If it is extra line to add for select the type of food, then it is useful the passenger. Because may some people are vegetarian then they know what they can have."
Ventajas: "Crew was nice and boarding was on time"
Desventajas: "entertainment on the A330 is so sluggish people think the screen is not working correctly pushing harder and harder on the screen making it uncomfortable for the people in front of them. Food is as usual: Not very healthy and always the same."
Desventajas: "Most of the entertainment consoles did not work"
Ventajas: "Despite the turbulence the pilot did his best and we had as solid of a ride as possible. Seats were very comfortable and flight was on time, couldn't ask for anything more!"
Ventajas: "Muy puntual. Check in rápido. Comida - de pago- correcta. Asiento en salida de emergencia - extra precio-- amplio"
Ventajas: "Si"
Desventajas: "Que no se retrasarán los vuelos"
Desventajas: "Cuando llegamos al Check no teníamos todos lugares separados...cómo viajamos con nuestros hijos menores de edad tuvimos q negociar que no nos cobrarán para sentir juntos....."
Ventajas: "Salida a tiempo"
Desventajas: "Ofrecer aunque sea algo de beber"
Ventajas: "On time departure and arrival, quick baggage return"
Desventajas: "Vegetarian bundled meal very basic and would have been great to have the option of buying one of the other meals at purchase."
Desventajas: "Air Asia is a no frills Airline. That’s why it’s Cheap."
Ventajas: "Es bonito el color rojo"
Desventajas: "Caro e impuntual."
Ventajas: "Check in was fast"
Desventajas: "The plane was suppose to leave at 9:45 and at that time we started getting into the plane, the sits are to close together, they don’t even offer water I think the least they could offer is water, we arrived 12 pm and the currency exchange stores and bus terminal shuttle were closed and I had to pay more with us dólars and too much. 800 bahts to get to my hostal"
Ventajas: "Flight arrived early quick and easy boarding Good seat"
Desventajas: "Nothing. It was just as expected"
Desventajas: "30 minutos tarde"
Ventajas: "Todo rápido y buen servicio"
Desventajas: "Legroom"
Ventajas: "Llegamos muy rápido,15 minutos antes de la hora estipulada."
Ventajas: "La atencio delivers personal, la distance entre asientos, la peocupacion port Los pasajeros"
Desventajas: "Question no se purse pager Los consumes con tsrjeta de credito"
Desventajas: "Muy poco espacio entre asientos, a pesar de que pague por mejores asientos en el aeropuerto, igualmente malos."
Ventajas: "Vuelo de bajo coste correcto no se puede pedir más"
Desventajas: "Nada a destacar"
Desventajas: "30 minutos tarde"
Desventajas: "El avión huele horrible, además del olor de la comida"
Desventajas: "No me despertaron para darme la comida"
Ventajas: "El servicio es normal cómodos los asientosm"
Desventajas: "Salí tarde y no daban explicaciones"
Ventajas: "Salimos y llegamos En hora y el personal muy amable"
Desventajas: "El entretenimiento podria mejorar teniendo mas películas dobladas al español."
Ventajas: "Cheap, short flight"
Desventajas: "Families with screaming kids. Golf bag was put on a different flight back to Singapore"
Ventajas: "El vuelo salió en tiempo y forma"
Desventajas: "Food"
Ventajas: "on-time boarding"
Desventajas: "No TV, not polite crew"
Ventajas: "The flight itself was very reasonably priced."
Desventajas: "They charged us for a checked bag and it is on a sliding weight scale. If you check your bag be prepared to pay more if it is over 15kilograms. Also, there is no complimentary beverage service. Snacks and drinks are available for a fee. The seats are pretty small. If you have longer legs expect them to hit the tray table even when it's in its full upright position."
Ventajas: "Cheap fare. Flight was on time (this time)."
Desventajas: "Online checkin didnt work. I made several attempts. Then I spent 45 minutes waiting for online chat to help. We agreed on my seat and the size bag I wanted to buy and the amount. When I turned up at airport they had no record of this conversation (although I could show it to them from my laptop) and wanted to charge me baggage fees at an extortionate rate. Terrible customer service experience all around."
Ventajas: "Crew was polite. Flight was on time."
Desventajas: "No drink service."
Ventajas: "Nice seats albeit too small/close together. Good inflight magazine selection."
Desventajas: "Seats too close, no videos, no free food or drink."
Ventajas: "The staff were friendly and polite."
Desventajas: "There was a slight delay."
Ventajas: "Comfortable seats, efficient boarding and check in, kind staff, flight landed early"
Desventajas: "Website wouldn't let me purchase baggage in advance. Kept sending error messages. I tried the live chat but a message said too many people were already asking questions, come back later. So I had to pay full price for baggage which I was not happy with :("
Desventajas: "I was charged $100 for a 15kg piece of luggage because I did not know I was supposed to buy it online. It should have been $5! Total ripoff. Then I tried to buy it on my 2nd flight and the website was broken. I will not fly AA again"
Desventajas: "MY FAULT TOTALLY. I forgot to order vegetarian food, offer one meatless and one meat entree perhaps."
Ventajas: "What more can you ask for? The flight was on time and seats were decent at good price. Flight staff personally took us to boarding gate to ensure we got on the flight (because we transited in Bangkok to HK) They didn't check the weight of carry on luggage so it was good!"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Even for a fee I was unable to change flight plans 1 week in advance. Had to forfeit the whole ticket!"
Desventajas: "Charged us money for luggage in kind of s random way. Decided to weigh just one bag at the gate for some reason and they were not clear in explaining to us why certain things were being charged and why one bag and not another"
Ventajas: "The agents came and helped us get through the lines at Krabi Airport. Since Thai airports are awful, and never have enough staff, and don't manage queues, it was good that the agents came to help us cut in front of other poor souls who were waiting for later flights."
Desventajas: "The seat I was as in hardly fit my legs. As soon as the lady in front of my leaned her chair back, my knees were painfully crushed. I'm thin, and only 183 cm tall, which is perfectly average. It's a crime that Air Asia can't even provide me a seat that fits me."
Ventajas: "Landed safely."
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed multiple hours without notice. A one hour flight became an 8 hour journey. Seats were small and uncomfortable. I was sitting next to a host of characters that were all concerned they would miss their connecting flight. No tv or entertainment on seat."
Ventajas: "short and sweet"
Desventajas: "charge for checked bags"
Desventajas: "No food or beverages served, seats wouldn't recline, bag fee"
Ventajas: "Nothing about this airline was good, They over priced us because our bags were over weight almost $500 usd."
Desventajas: "Nothing about this airline was good, They over priced us because our bags were over weight almost $500 usd. We didn't purchase our bags from before hand so they took advantage and over charged us to check these bags in. I will never fly with this air line again. I would not suggest anyone to fly with them."
Ventajas: "Recibes exactamente lo que pagas. Los asientos no son incomodos, el abordaje es como en cualquier otro avion de bajo costo. Justo lo que esperaba, fue un buen vuelo."
Ventajas: "The cheap fare for the flight"
Desventajas: "Being charged for water. Terrible crew attitude."
Desventajas: "Very little leg room. Knees touch the seat in front of you."
Ventajas: "They were able to get us on to the plane even though we were extremely late. The Customer Service Rep that helped us with our bags in Krabi was very friendly and helpful."
Desventajas: "An exorbitant amount for bags and our luggage didn't even make it on the the flight."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "The attendant at the check in counter was extremely rude. Overall very cheap airline. AirAsia should look up to Thai Airways to improve their overall service."
Ventajas: "Very tight seating. Even in Premium."
Ventajas: "Flight was inexpensive and clean."
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed. I was charged so much for my 12KG bag... they said if I had checked in 4 hours prior to my flight it would have been 300 Thai Baht... but I checked in 2 hours prior to my flight (that was then delayed an hour) and was charged 900 Thai Baht! Very frustrating."
Ventajas: "Flight was good both ways. Only ran 20 min late on one leg. We did not miss any connections."
Desventajas: "Need to be a little more knowledgeable when dealing with diplomats."
Ventajas: "Normal,vuelo tranquilo"
Desventajas: "Retraso de 1 hora y el inglés de la gente de AirAsia no da para una explicación coherente y completa."
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Medidas de seguridad para las aerolíneas que vuelan desde Krabi a Bangkok

Las aerolíneas que cubren rutas desde Krabi a Bangkok han aprobado medidas de seguridad adicionales y ajustado sus políticas para atender mejor a los viajeros. Las políticas pueden variar según la aerolínea.

Aumento de las medidas de higiene

Limpieza diaria, instalación de filtros HEPA en cabina en vuelos de Krabi a Bangkok

Mascarilla obligatoria

Mascarillas obligatorias y provistas a bordo en vuelos de Krabi a Bangkok

Plan de asientos con distanciamiento físico

No se pueden reservar los asientos centrales en vuelos de Krabi a Bangkok

Prueba antes del vuelo

Prueba de anticuerpos, prueba de síntomas para vuelos de Krabi a Bangkok

Cancelaciones flexibles

Sin tasas por cambios. Busca vuelos flexibles desde Krabi a Bangkok

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10h 00m3C1-3G2
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Vuelos Krabi - Bangkok


Krabi (KBV)Tailandia


Bangkok (BKK)Tailandia

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Bangkok - Krabi


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Autobuses38 €10h 00m