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Información del vuelo San Isidro Tenerife-Sur-Múnich Franz Josef Strauss

Duración media de vuelo 4h 47m
Los vuelos llegan a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss
Los vuelos salen de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur
Precio del vuelo 175 €
Distancia 3.317 km
Aerolíneas Condor

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Precio medio:
184 €
(precio medio en las últimas 2 semanas)
Cuándo reservar:
142 €
o menos (i/v)

Cuándo reservar vuelos de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss

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-1 día
-2 días

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¿Buscas un vuelo barato? Un 25% de nuestros usuarios reservaron vuelos para esta ruta por 142 € o menos.
El vuelo más barato de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss se encontró con un promedio de 64 días de antelación a la fecha de salida.
Reserva con un mínimo de 1 semana de antelación para conseguir un precio más barato que la media.
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Preguntas frecuentes para la ruta San Isidro Tenerife-Sur - Múnich Franz Josef Strauss

¿Cuánto tiempo dura un vuelo de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss?
Un vuelo directo tarda una media de 4h 35m en cubrir una distancia de 3317 km.
¿Cuántos vuelos hay entre San Isidro Tenerife-Sur y Múnich Franz Josef Strauss?
Hay 6 vuelos directos a la semana entre San Isidro Tenerife-Sur y Múnich Franz Josef Strauss, con un promedio de 0 al día.
¿Cuáles aerolíneas ofrecen los vuelos más baratos de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss?
En los últimos 3 días, encontramos los vuelos de ida y vuelta más baratos en Varias aerolíneas (175 €) y Condor (308 €)
¿Cuáles aerolíneas vuelan con más frecuencia entre San Isidro Tenerife-Sur y Múnich Franz Josef Strauss?
Las aerolíneas con más frecuencia de vuelos para esta ruta son: Condor (0 vuelos al día), Norwegian Air International (0 vuelos al día), TUI fly (0 vuelos al día).

Reserva vuelos baratos de San Isidro Tenerife-Sur a Múnich Franz Josef Strauss (i/v)

San Isidro
175 €
175 €
175 €
175 €
dom. 16 sept.
Munich Franz Josef Strauss
10h 15m
mié. 26 sept.
Munich Franz Josef Strauss
12h 40m
175 €
Viaje: 11 días
Valoración general: 0,0 Malo
Basado en 0 opiniones
vie. 24 ago.
Munich Franz Josef Strauss
4h 35m
vie. 31 ago.
Munich Franz Josef Strauss
5h 00m
308 €
Viaje: 8 días
5,7AceptableVer opiniones
Valoración general: 5,7 Aceptable
Basado en 2 opiniones
Bueno 6,6

Very efficient at doing their jobs. Made up time in the air. Seats fairly comfortable. Good temp maintained.

Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half. This happens sometimes, of course, however a gesture of not charging €10 for an upgrade from the mesely two tv shows/movies would’ve been an appropriate approach to treating customers right. Food was decent, but don’t have any allergies as the accommodations are definitely lacking. Crew was polite, but not overly social or friendly.

Aceptable 4,3

The flight crew made the best of an inconvenient situation and seemed genuinely apologetic for what they clearly knew were exploitative policies.

Our flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue, but instead of updating the schedule to reflect this, the airline had us standing indefinitely in the queue to board; this was probably about 45 minutes in which we could have sat down or grabbed some food, or literally done ANYTHING other than waiting as we did. Because of this delay, we were offered hard candies. In all honesty, I would have preferred to be offered water, which at €2.50 on an international, several hours long flight is borderline criminal. I have been skeptical about low-cost, "budget" airlines in the past, and this experience confirmed that if the price of the flight seems too good to be true, it probably is. The difference in cost was more than paid for by the hidden fees, the quality of service, and the denial of basic human dignities like not having your knees crushed against the seat in front of you, or God forbid--a cup of tap water.

Aceptable 4,0

We got there with no safety issues. That is about all the good I can think of. Also a miracle our bags made it since the delay due to Condor made us miss our connection. The best part of the flights were when we switched to Luftansa controlled planes.

Don't confuse their logo with Luftansa. They are far from it. Known for delays, disruption and breakdowns. Our flight was delayed 4-5 hours on the way to Europe because the food cart didn't fit. Then a delay of 2 hours on way back to US because 3 of the 6 bathrooms didn't work. Had to wait in this prison like gate with hardly any AC and then take a bus to the plane. DO YOUR RESEARCH. This airline survives on those who don't do their homework(Like me) and those who don't take others reviews seriously. Spend the extra money and get an airline that is consistent. Check out Condor's on time rate..yikes.

Bueno 7,3

seats were comfy, food was pretty good

a couple more movie options for a 9 hour flight would have been nice. crew was "distant" not very personal

Aceptable 4,3

Seating more spacious than other airlines

Website did not allow selection of gluten free meal. Email not responded to until too late. Departure gate in Frankfurt had no seating before checkin. Luggage arrived late in terminal at Baltimore.

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