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Información del vuelo Barcelona-Omaha Eppley Airfield

Los vuelos llegan a Omaha Eppley Airfield
Los vuelos salen de Barcelona
Precio del vuelo 780 €
Distancia 7.681 km
Aerolíneas Aer Lingus

Reserva vuelos baratos de Barcelona a Omaha Eppley Airfield (i/v)

780 €
780 €
780 €
780 €
vie. 21 dic.
Barcelona-El Prat
Omaha Eppley Airfield
32h 58m
dom. 30 dic.
Omaha Eppley Airfield
Barcelona-El Prat
35h 25m
780 €
Viaje: 10 días
7,4BuenoVer opiniones
Valoración general: 7,4 Bueno
Basado en 5.018 opiniones
Bueno 6,0

There was more seat room in this plane.

We deplaned on the tarmac and had to use steps to get to the ground.

Bueno 7,6

Good friendly service. Nice aircraft. On time departure. I would travel with Aer Lingus again.

Food was not good as compared to other airlines. In my case, there were no outlets to plug in a laptop cable so that I could continue to work.

Excelente 10,0

Air Lingus is my new preferred carrier, thanks to you! They combine newest technology with traditional service values.

Nothing. Perfect flights. I went back to the crew and told them so. Compared to my BA flights eastbound, Air Lingus was heaven. I will always book them first from now on, and I just happened on to them through your site.

Regular 2,0

Nothing. We were delayed and never made the connection. Delays, mechanical issues with the plane and mis information from your agents caused us to miss the flight.

I didn't like the fact that we never made it to Hamburg. The more I think about he experience, the madder I get. We were frustrated with the experience to start out with but as we think back on it and what could have been done to change things by the airline, the frustration changes to anger.

Regular 3,6

There wasn't much to like about this flight! The seats were comfortable and we had plenty of leg room but we paid extra for that leg room! Nothing more good can I say about this experience!!!

Loading for departure was almost 45 minutes late. The plane had been at the gate for at least 3 hours. Many varying excuses were given. Once boarding started, it was stopped again for mechanical problems with the plane. Each announcement assured us that no one would miss connections in Dublin!! Plane was loaded and doors were closed and secured....then we sat in the plane for over an hour without moving. Still experiencing mechanical problems. Now there was no way to get off or rebook a flight. The ENTERTAINMENT system did NOT work on the plane!! Landing in Dublin we were told to see agent at the gate if we missed our connecting flight to get info on our re directed connection. If we had not been rebooked, go to a room off the baggage area to be rebooked and then get our baggage. There was no one at the gate, the person in the room that we were directed to could not do anything, the baggage carousel broke down twice and our luggage was diverted to a different carousel with no indication that it had been moved. We had to go thru customs and go down to be re ticketed for a different flight. We waited in a long line for a hour to try to get a new flight to Hamburg. There was another 2 flights that could get us to Hamburg in time to make it to our destination But the Aer Lingus did not have a reciprocal agreement with that airline. Aer Lingus could NOT get us to Hamburg in time for us to make our connection there! The Aer Lingus agent told us that her only job was to get us to Hamburg and nothing more! Anything beyond that was our problem. We missed our 10 cruise because of the excessive delays, excuses and incorrect information given by your agents!!!! We are seasoned travelers and have never experienced such terrible service! Our trip back to the States from Dublin with Aer Lingus was just as terrible! Communication is NOT one of their strong points. We were boarded on he plane and sat for an hour and a half before asked to de board the plane. The plane had been damaged by the skywalk. We were told that food vouchers would be given for lunch and that we were not allowed to leave that wing of the terminal. It took 45 minutes for anyone to meet the passengers with the vouchers. These vouchers did not, in any way, cover the cost of a lunch. We were called to line up for boarding before most even had a chance to get in an order at the food counter. Everyone hurried to get in line and it was 3 hours later before we were allowed to board the plane!?! This does not make one want to fly again soon with this airline!

sáb. 1 sept.
Barcelona-El Prat
Omaha Eppley Airfield
41h 17m
sáb. 8 sept.
Omaha Eppley Airfield
Barcelona-El Prat
42h 48m
813 €
Viaje: 8 días
Valoración general: 0,0 Malo
Basado en 0 opiniones
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